The Ultimate Jet Fighter

The Ultimate Jet Fighter

Version 1.0.3

By Shysta

The Ultimate Jet Fighter Updates

Issues have been updated.

This pixelated game is based on the classic famous airplane shooting game that will bring a WHOLE new kind of EXPERIENCE AND FUN! Maneuver your jet in every direction to avoid enemy fire, but watch out for your surroundings! You control a plane which shoots and moves forward automatically. Try to eliminate as many enemies as you can while moving across the screen and dodging obstacles. Fight your way to the top and become King of the skies! There are different enemies like jet fighters, helicopters and ships that you need to destroy to earn points. This challenging, fast-paced game will leave you wanting to push yourself further! Let's see what you got!

Download The Ultimate Jet Fighter version 1.0.3

Download The Ultimate Jet Fighter version 1.0.3.apk (29.17 MB)


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