Russian Roulette Ultimate Free

Russian Roulette Ultimate Free

Version 1.0
Russian Roulette Ultimate is an awesome game of chance and luck to play

By Print Perfect

Russian Roulette Ultimate:
Is an awesome game you can play with two people or 100 people…Just set the game to suit you. The game can be played with one phone or multiple phones….You can also play as a team.
There is a spin the bullet option which is like spin the bottle…The games are endless that you can play with Russian Rulet ultimate…Truth or dare, spin the bullet,strip poker, drinking games, food games, shooting games, last one standing, team games, heads or tails use your imagination and create your own game.

Download Russian Roulette Ultimate Free version 1.0

Download Russian Roulette Ultimate Free version 1.0.apk (26.71 MB)


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