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GMA Network Updates

• Bug Fixes

To improve your experience, we bring regular updates with bug fixes and optimizations. Thank you for using the GMA Network Mobile App.

Download the official mobile app of GMA Network and get instant access to the latest news and entertainment updates delivered by the most awarded and most trusted Philippine broadcasting company. Easily navigate through its user-friendly interface and enjoy the Kapuso experience through exclusive features, content and games.

NEWS: Breaking news and current events right at your fingertips

ENTERTAINMENT: The latest photos, videos and stories about your favourite Kapuso stars, personalities and shows

GAMES: Find out if you’re quick enough to solve our Sliding Puzzle and Memory Game featuring never before seen photos of your Kapuso celebrities

And the best part, this mobile app is free-to-use. Don’t forget to register and log in to earn Kapuso points as much more is in store for you!

Download GMA Network version 3.1.1

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  • 100% reviews by critics

  • 92% user reviews

  • 92% movie/show info

  • 92% HD movies/shows

  • 90% making watchlists

  • 88% filmographies

  • 82% Android TV

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  • 80% Google Cast

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