TIViewer (Comic&Text Viewer)

TIViewer (Comic&Text Viewer)

Version 1.0.11
New TIViewer. Text viewer And Image(Comic) viewer

By 개발팀

TIViewer (Comic&Text Viewer) Updates

1. Corrected page shift error in Galaxy S8 series
2. Added ability to send files by e-mail
3. Set 'Always On Screen' function so that you can select the time.
Change to "Viewer screen auto-off time"
(In case of unintentionally turning on for a long time)
4. Fixed registered errors

New TIViewer.
Text Viewer And Image(Comic) Viewer

[Text Viewer support]
- Windows that are supported by the encoding support (txt file)
- Support setting font size
- Support for interline spacing
- Set the background color support
- Set text color support
- The last auto-save feature, support for Pages
- Bookmark

[Comic viewer support]
- ZIP (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG) file support
- Support for reading from right to
- The last auto-save feature, support for reading his image
- 2Page automatically split the image

[Viewer common support functions]
- Set the screen orientation support
- Always on screen
- Last folder storage
- Support reading list

Download TIViewer (Comic&Text Viewer) version 1.0.11

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