EZ Notes - voice notes & lists🎖

EZ Notes - voice notes & lists🎖

Version 2.82
#1 On-the-fly note-taking app for typed notes, voice notes, to-do notes, & more

By Alexander Madani

EZ Notes - voice notes & lists🎖 Updates

EZ Notes: Ver. 2.82

• Fixed Bug occurring upon Multiple EZ To-Do card deletions

• Code is now Slimmer & Faster at under 5 MB ! (only 4.74 MB)

• Enhanced Code for Solid Performance on Nougat (Ver. 7.1.2) We're also well poised to run solidly on future Android "Oreo" (Ver. 8.0) and above !

• " EZ Export " function now transfers ALL notes as a single efficient Text File, complete with ability for Back Up to Google Drive.

• Added Wireless Cloud Printing + Ability to create Rich color PDF

EZ voice notes is the Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer for On-the-Fly daily voice notes. "Hands-Free" voice notes help countless customers save time and enjoy the most effortless voice notes! EZ voice notes organizer is extremely device efficient and non-invasive compared to "free" voice notes organizers. We eliminate all privacy-threatening permissions with our voice notes app. EZ voice notes provides full control over which voice notes, how often, and which services, users prefer for Backup, Transfer, and sharing of voice notes. EZ voice notes organizer is a comprehensive voice notes organizer for creating and sharing rich formatted notes, to-do lists notes, reminder voice notes, sketched notes, and instant voice notes.

voice notes demo: http://tinyurl.com/jmnncqe
voice notes benefits:
• Add voice notes, organize voice notes, set voice notes reminders & share voice notes using EZ Notes. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo using our on-the-fly voice notes.
• Easily plan meetings by sharing voice notes via powerful cross-app compatibilities: Email, Facebook, G+, Hangouts, etc. EZ Notes also provides S-pen note taking (courtesy of "Markers" by Daniel Sandler) for collaborating homework notes and sketched notes.
• Find voice notes easily. EZ Folders are a bonus for organizing voice notes. Search voice notes by "Priority Colors." Our "EZ Undo" instantly recovers up to 10 voice notes (not just 1 voice note). The Trash Bin stores all deleted voice notes.
• EZ Notes keeps voice notes under user control. We don't use syncing as it: Invites App instability, bloat, exposes notes to hackers, requires internet connection, and consumes resources. Use "EZ Export" to Backup / Transfer all voice notes or groups of voice notes.
• Cybersecurity & online privacy of voice notes. EZ voice notes is an extremely non-invasive voice notes organizer. Only the Sketching function requires READ / WRITE permission to LOAD / SAVE notes. ✦ Cybersecurity experts prefer our voice notes organizer: http://tinyurl.com/j9rj8g9

EZ voice notes is made in USA
EZ Notes voice notes awards
✦ http://daikonmedia.com/ez-notes-review/
✦ http://bit.ly/1ovhPXL
✦ http://tinyurl.com/jstwpfy
✦ http://tinyurl.com/znb5xfr
✦ We provide outstanding support for EZ voice notes
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