Purple Patriot

Purple Patriot

Version 1.5.33
Participation in government is not optional, it’s Required!

By 3rescuedogs

Purple Patriot provides you with an easy and quick way to stay informed and active in politics. It is a single platform where you can learn about the issues, engage in conversation on Facebook and Twitter, call with your representative and locate their next town hall meeting.


Quick view on hot issues and actions to take each day.


1 tap tweet, facebook and call to your local representatives to tell them your opinion on a specific bill or issue.


Know all the townhalls, office hours, rallies and marches planned in your areas.


Join the conversation and discuss with others on Twitter.


Get to know your legislators,the committees they are members and which bills they sponsor and co-sponsor.

Latest In Congress

Daily activities of legislation Introduced, Scheduled, Debated and Voted on the floor of Congress.

My Bills and Executive Orders

For those who want it to dig into the details My Bill and Executive Orders provide the details of each piece of legislation. From bill sponsors to the exact text of the bill and a full history of where each bill stands in the congressional or legal process.

Purple Patriot

Based out of Oakland California, Purple Patriot was founded by two tech women who made activism in government routine after the 2016 election. Like you, we were outraged at what we saw in government. Like you, we felt we had to do more to ensure others were informed and engaged. We took our industry knowledge to build Purple Patriot, a free non-partisan app. The focus of Purple Patriot is to make it EASY to stay active in government while providing OPTIONS for engagement.

Download Purple Patriot version 1.5.33

Download Purple Patriot version 1.5.33.apk (11.23 MB)


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