SpyNow For Whatsa Prank

SpyNow For Whatsa Prank

Version 1.2
SpyNow For chats, Conversation and status whatsa 2017

By Yas-apps

First, this application is not real and is just for fun Please Make attention to these circumstances point.
The application is a trick to friends and create the illusion that you read their messages on whatsa, the application shows you the icon to download messages with the show days that you want to download the talks and Conversastion.

With this tool you can Spy on Whatsa Conversations, videos, images and audios and Status ... with an Interface easy to use by everyone.

How to use This App :

1. First Open The Spynow and Enter your friend, lover or Family number .
2. Wait until our servers check for the data.
3. Check the application again and get the data.

This app is only a joke to friends, you can laught with this app and make some friends, this app pretend to fake and prank that you are a real Whatsapp Spy and you can get messages from your friends, it's only a simulation and a prank.

This App Is Free

Download SpyNow For Whatsa Prank version 1.2

Download SpyNow For Whatsa Prank version 1.2.apk (4.99 MB)

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  • 86% submitting content

  • 85% recommendations

  • 85% catalog of books

  • 85% multi-device sync

  • 85% annotating content

  • 85% highlighting text

  • 79% commenting on books

  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.INTERNET