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Iconic beautiful colored live "Dolphin Wallpapers HD video".!
Many of us were in Dolphin. Funny and always smiling animals, they swim to the music, catch the ring, jumping over obstacles and even to draw. In this article you will learn little known information. We offer You the most interesting facts about dolphins.
1. Dolphins belong to the family of the suborder of toothed whales of a number of cetaceans.
2. Under the name "Dolphin" scientists have found about 70 species of living beings that live in bodies of water (seas, oceans, bays and rivers around the world).
3. The dolphins have a very interesting way of swimming. Circle, first in one direction, they one eye you look in others eyes. Thus, the dolphins look to close not crept predators.
4. The fastest dolphins can swim at speeds over 30 kilometers per hour. The average rate of most animals is between 5 to 12 kilometers per hour.
Interesting facts about äåëüô³í³â5. Dolphins live in packs, and all of its members are relatives. They help each other when needed, accompany children in the water so they drowned. There is a lot of information when dolphins have saved drowning people.
6. At birth every Dolphin package gives its name. The difference in sound whistled between people were recorded scientifically.
7. The structure of the internal organs of dolphins are similar to human. These mammals breathe with lungs, have a four-chambered heart. In addition, the ratio of brain mass to total body weight, and even its size (1.5-2 meters) approximately, as in humans.
8. To see the object up close, dolphins and killer whales, lie on your side.
9. The blowhole on top of the bodies of dolphins is responsible for your sound.
Interesting facts about äåëüô³í³â10. To find food, dolphins use possible of the nature of echolocation.
11. Dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror.
12. According to scientists, dolphins are descended from land animals, like wolves. In the course of evolution they have adapted to life in water.
13. The head of the family of dolphins woman.
14. Nature has taken care to make sure born only Dolphin not to swallow sea water. The calf was born with flippers forward. When the head is born, the mother along with other relatives, pressing it to the surface of the water.
15. Dolphins differ from fish method of swimming. If the fish is under the water, tail waving from side to side, these animals move them up and down.
16. Dolphin 210 adult teeth. They are used for gripping and holding food. But dolphins don't chew, they had no chewing muscles.
Interesting facts about äåëüô³í³â17. All I wonder how dolphins sleep. After all, they, like people, need air. The brain of a Dolphin is very thin, so while one half is sleeping, the second is sleeping and, therefore, is responsible for breathing. So dolphins sleep about 8 hours a day floating on the water surface or in shallow water.
18. Little Dolphin is near its mother for about 2-3 years.
19. Whales and sea cows are the closest relatives of dolphins.
20. River adult Dolphin weighs about 40 pounds, and killer whale (also a Dolphin family) can reach 10 tons.
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