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Funky Squid Copter Quest

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Android Version:2.3.3 and up
App Version: 1.0
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Funky Squid is back, and not content to be swimming, racing, and smashing his way around the place as he does in other games, now he is taking to the air!

Yes, in this retro game called Funky Squid Copter Quest, you get to fly around as a helicopter and make a nuisance of yourself! Well you get to fly and swim as you try hard to dodge the fish!

Our hero has a propellor on his head and the idea is to navigate between the two squid traps as you slowly move up the screen.

Now you might think that sounds simple, but unfortunately its not. Because the evil fisherman have also installed powerful magnets to the left and right of Funky Squid that are causing massive gravity issues!

If you are not tapping left and right to balance Funky Squid, you will fly off the side of the screen and get smashed!

Time your taps to ensure this does not happen and to ensure you don't touch the traps. Let me tell you Funky Squid has no plans to ever go near a Squid trap so please make sure you do your best to avoid them!

Touch a trap or the side of the screen and its game over, lights out, and the evil fishermen get to eat well - they like squid more than fish!

Hint: Don’t let this happen, please!

This is a difficult game, lets see what score you can end up with! Trust me, this will be a challenge for you as you take to flight in this underwater flappy style game with a twist.

Works on most Android devices including Tablets!

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