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Tank Assault War Game

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Android Version:4.0 and up
App Version: 1.0
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Gone are the days when armies were used to fight hand to hand. The industrial revolution brought us the heavy tank war machines to fight big and destroy big. We bring you panzer war action packed game full of tank war. Yes, lots of tanks to attack other war tanks in this tank war. Fight big with your panzer and destroy even bigger in the tank assault war game. Step in the tank battle and rage your tank assault on the enemy army panzer squad.

Tanks are the heavy war machines to destroy enemy and shake the Earth with heavy and powerful shells. This game is about an army tank battle assault mission where you take your heavy assault panzer in the enemy area and bomb them with your tank shells. This tank assault game is packed with double action of tank driving and enemy tank destroyer. Take your tank destroyer panzer to advanced level of battlefield and shake the Earth beneath the enemy.

Tank driving is always being an entertaining and boring at the same time because of its slow speed. This tank assault war game gives you its entertaining part with an upgraded speed version where you can driver your tank destroyer with full power to infiltrate the enemy area and rage a panzer assault upon them.

Tank war is the result of threat from the enemy tank assault squad. Bomb them hard in the answer to the call of a tank war. Show them that we have the best tank drivers in the world and the best tank war panzer machines. Use your tank destroyer and rage a tank war upon the enemy panzer. Fire continuously on their war tanks and leave no sign of them. Teach them a lesson that they never forget and never call a war on a nation who is technologically advanced and have heavy war tanks and other war panzer machines.

Main Features of the Panzer Assault War Game:
10 battlefields to show your panzer and tank assault skills.
Stunning animations of shell fire and panzer destroying.
3D environment and warzone landscape give a stunning stance.
Smart enemy panzer AI chases you while you are on the run.

How to play?
Enter the panzer mission and take control of it.
Use the joystick to move and look around from the top of the panzer.
Smooth controls give and advanced level assault experience in the tank war.
Destroy all the panzer in the area and declare the victory in this panzer war game.
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