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Food mod for Minecraft

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If you ever felt that there are way to little food recipes and items then the Much Food Mod will definitely be something for you. It adds more than 30 new food items which can be used to cook food like pizza, hamburgers and so much more! We are glad to present you one of the most funny and cool mod for Minecraft - Food mod! You need to make your Minecraft live more realistic? Here we go! One click - and you definitely will spend a lot of time playing this mod. You can even play it with your friends - if you wish. We are happy to tell you that all our mods are free and you will not spend a lot of time installing it - oneclick and the mod is downloading directly on your phone. Enjoy and have fun playing it! It supports all Minecraft versions!

This Food Mod adds 36 food items to the game. It includes realistic food such as hamburgers and taco but also some Minecraft food such as the delicious diamond cookie. If you think the game is missing out on some of the world’s delicious food then use this mod to be able to choose between tens of different dishes.

The new food items work just the same way as the default food. To eat an item you will need to first have some hunger. Hold down your finger on the screen to eat. You can find a full list of crafting recipes further down on this page. This mod also adds over twenty new food to the game. You can get all the items in survival mode.Or you can get in by using crafting recipes. Now I will introduce all crafting recipes of them. Now you will not have to worry about the food in Minecraft. And your diet is also very rich with this new dishes.

As a bonus, you can find here Food Swords Mod - it's a creative and great mod which is about Swords in Minecraft PE. It was based on a mod in MCPC. Can say it is a combination of Swords Mod and Food Mod. With this mod, you will have many new Swords which is so useful. You can craft them by combining a Sword with two any food.When you craft it successfully, you can eat it like you eat food. It will also take effect like food. That’s something special that this mod gives you. You will surprise about foods which were added in this mod.They are so popular in real life.It will provide Bun, Raw patty, Cooked patty, Lettuce, Tomato.They are also useful.And now you will have new food for your long travel or long journey.

Food Item IDs & Crafting Recipes:
Random Items
409 – Glass Bottle (3 glass panes)
410 – Knife (1 stick, 1 iron)
411 – Juicer (1 iron, 5 stone)
412 – Empty Glass (5 glass panes)
417 – Cherry
418 – Orange
419 – Banana
420 – Mango
421 – Strawberry
Commom Food & Goodies
431 – Ham Burger (2 bread, 1 steak)
432 – Apple Pie (1 apple, 1 egg, 1 sugar)
433 – French Fries (3 baked potatoes)
434 – Fried Egg
435 – Milk (7 oak planks, 1 milk bucket)
436 – Water (7 oak planks, 1 water bucket)
437 – Chocolate Cookie (3 cocoa beans, 2 wheat)
438 – Cheese Burger (2 cheese, 1 steak, 2 bread)
439 – Tomato
440 – Cheese (1 milk)
441 – Raw Pizza (2 cheese, 1 steak, 3 tomato, 3 wheat)
442 – Pizza
443 – Doughnut (4 sugar, 1 egg, 4 wheat)
444 – Strawberry Doughnut (3 strawberries, 2 sugar, 1 egg, 3 wheat)

How do I get the non-craftable items such as Bananas and Fried Eggs?
Banana, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Mango: When breaking leaf blocks there is a chance of finding these fruits.
Raw Mutton: Kill sheeps.
Cooked Mutton: Cook raw mutton in a furnace.
Fried Egg: Cook an egg in a furnace.
Rotten Flesh: Kill zombies.
Tomato: Break tall grass.
Baked Pizza: Cook a raw pizza in a furnace.

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