Download Durak - v5.60

Download Durak - v5.60

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Durak - v5.60, one of the outstanding GAMES of the category Card.
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Durak - v5.60 APK, developed by VG MobileGames, is one of the best free mobile apps available today. It's in the Card category of the app store.

This APK file, Durak - v5.60 is available to download and install on Android devices with minimum operating system requirement Android 4.1+ and above. So here is the download link for the latest update. to download, please select a compatible version for your smartphone.

Here we offer and you can download free Durak - v5.60 APK, with latest updated version 5.60 on 2020-02-02, with size of 21.7 MB.With over 1000 downloads from Google Play Store. You can update apps downloaded or installed individually on your Android device. Updating your apps gives you access to Access the latest features and improve the security and stability of the application. Download and enjoy it.

Durak - v5.60 Durak - v5.60

Durak russian, passing, throw-in, offline

The main feature of the game durak thrown-in, passing is a enough strong artificial intelligence that will not let you get bored for many parties. This algorithm has already appreciated by many users of the game durak. Some people liked it so much that they compare it to the algorithm with a live person.
Especially you like the ending, when the algorithm begins to remember what came out trumps in retreat, and which is still in his arms, and thus at the end of the game becomes even more acute.
But also should be noted that the algorithm is the game durak playing without cheating: the player's not spying when calculating a card, the cards themselves are not manipulated, deck on hand during the game does not change - all to be honest! Also carefully made the rules of the game durak, such as for example - the first rebound of 5 cards at the end of the computer does not throw more cards than it is at the hands of the first-throw-player after lights take the first to the deck, in the distribution of 5 cards of the same suit is automatically retransmitting, if the computer has decided to take it is possible to throw another, and etc. (a more detailed description of the rules can be found in Wikipedia).
Also, the game durak thrown-in has very good graphics and smooth animation, made for on the HD screen, FullHD and above. The availability of high quality traced 4 decks of cards with "jackets/shirts" for them. But at the same time, the game looks good and at a lower resolution screens (and size) due to high cards used in the game durak.
All decks are designed for a game in 36 cards and 52 cards (for those who like to play a little longer).
Images of decks, "jackets / shirts", and background tables may be mixed in any combination.
Management in the game durak does with swipe (swipe / slide). Swipe to the right in the playing area allows you to fold at all clear, swipe in the direction of their cards (swipe down) allows us to take the card and swipe in the direction of the enemy - gives him an opportunity to take. It allows you to play carefully and remember the cards that have come out in the retreat.
More details how to play can be found on youtube.

- computer does not look in players cards and plays without cheating;
- player cards can now be placed both below and above the playing area;
- there are maximum 6 players in the game;
- there are 4 photorealistic decks in the game;
- there are 5 photorealistic background tables in the game;
- support offline mode, without internet (wifi);
- save current game and continue last game;
- during phone call - game will be continued after;
- large size of cards good looking on smart-phones and tablets;
- support English and Russian languages;
- support 52-cards deck and 36-cards deck;
- support HD, FullHD and higher resolution.

- added new option "Show at the end of the game cards of the losing bot (computer)";- added new option "In a new game, if there was a 'durak' in the previous one, then the loser’s neighbor comes to the left ('from the durak') (otherwise the loser’s neighbor comes to the right - 'to the durak')"- added new option "Music (melodies at the end of the part)", now you can turn off the melodies at the end of the part

Installation guide Durak - v5.60

Open the saved APK Durak - v5.60 file and continue. Some users may experience an installation failure.
Follow these steps to allow the installation of APKs from Unknown Sources (Unknown Sources):
-> Open the downloaded Durak - v5.60 .apk file. If you do this for the first time there will be a pop-up message with a warning as shown:
-> Click Settings (Settings).
-> Click the Turn button (Turn on).
-> Go back and reopen the APK file. Click the Install button.

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