Worm Zone Crawl 2020 - v1.1

Worm Zone Crawl 2020 - v1.1

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Worm Zone Crawl 2020 are the foremost popular game and are widely played in various parts of the planet . the combination of old snake games that was enjoy by users in computer and board games for the past few decades. Are you a snake lover or a lover of snake related games? Then this will be the ideal game for you because the snake is not scary but is cute, lovely and caring. It will knock the component snake and its worm will grow bigger from there so that it can progress to be more stronger and fight with bigger snake in this Worm Zone Crawl 2020.

Wormate Zone Crawl 2020 also can be played by children to practice their intelligence and agility in completing their snakes thanks to many challenges.

This game is certainly very interesting and challenging because it consists of several obstacles and levels that must be passed.
Make your snake and worm big and eat other snakes.
- Very easy to use
- No performance issues on any device.
- Play offline in single player and multiple player
- Optimized of gameplay
- Easy to find out , intuitive touch screen controls..
- Makes you not bored to play snack zone
- Nice and attractive graphics
- Consists of several game levels
- We can know the scores obtained and scores obtained by other players

How to play
- Eat dead crawl glow light dots to grow and stay alive as long as you'll .
- Don't run into other snake or the map edges, you'll run only into your own body tail.
- Avoid the map margins otherwise you will explode.
- Slide ahead of other snakes to kill them and eventually eat their light dots.
- Tap the eject mass button for the high speed boost once you need some extra slithering

Worm Zone Crawl 2020 is the amazing game, take a role of worms as io whose main goal is to grow by eating dots. Check out leaderboard of best slither players and compete with them by choosing best worm. Experience new way of slithering with your favorite Worm Zone Crawl

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